20th November // 20 de noviembre // 20 novembre // 20 de novembro // نوفمبر ال20

is a special day in the year when we specifically take a moment to remember members of the transgender community, living and past!  Whilst being transgender, gay, lesbian, and/or bisexual continues to be, for many, a daily fight for rights and acceptance, let us use this day to reflect on the tremendous progress that members of the LGBT community have made.  Nonetheless, there is still a lot more to do before all people can live free and safe lives, void of fear, violence, and sadly death.

Resultado de imagen de candle flames

Thankfully there are many who are fighting, resisting, educating, communicating, healing, protecting, supporting and giving love to the rest and making it possible so that others after them can live in a more tolerant world.  To those who have past, may this day be a way for us to say Thank You! Regardless of whatever the world thought of you, or made you feel, you chose to be who you are and let that light show through, despite the unfortunate risks.  We remember you in our daily fight and in our every day moments.  And for those who are with us today, may you one day live in a world where rememberence is celebration, because you are reminded everyday that you are loved, you are supported, and you are free and safe!


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[post written by DIVERCITY partner University of Barcelona]

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