Observatory Against Homophobia launches education tool for the affective, sexual, and gender diversity


The Observatory Against Homophobia (Observatori contra l’Homofòbia in Catalan) and the Alternative Interunion of Catalonia (Intersindical Alternativa de Catalunya – IAC) presented, last December, a guide for schools with tools to work on the affective, sexual, and gender diversity. School harassment for sexual orientation or gender identity reasons is increasing in the Catalonia, and according to the observatory it was the third kind of aggression more reported during the whole of 2016.

This guide aims for an education which leads to an erasure of the shame and suffering which has traditionally been linked to LGBT people. It portrays basic topics on LGBT, and it gives suggestions on how to work on affective, sexual and gender diversity in educational settings. Furthermore, it provides information on how to act in case there is LGBTphobia in the school centre, giving practical ideas to end anti-LGBT harassment. Last but not least, it also gives some practical tips on how to actively include an LGBT perspective in class.

The content of this guide works in line with the preliminary results of the Divercity project, which point to a need for working deeply with schools, school faculty and with the whole education community, including families. We are glad to see that many initiatives accompany processes which benefit the acceptance of sexual and gender diversity. This guide can be downloaded from the webpage of the Observatory Against Homophobia. (http://observatori-contra-homofobia.blogspot.com.es/index.html)

[post written by DIVERCITY partner Universitat de Girona (UdG)]