Happy International Womens Day!

Today is International Womens Day!

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In celebrating the millions of women around the world, today we should also celebrate and recongise the millions of other members of our society and community who have fought and struggled alongside women for our, and their, rights and freedoms.

Thank You to all the strong women who have come before our time, and their friends, partners, family, and members of society that have supported and marched with them.

Thank You to everyone who continues to bring light to issues that affect women in their daily lives to be recognised as equal members of society.

Let us come together today in celebration of women, men, lesbians, gays, bi-sexuals, transgender, and the continuously growing community of members and supporters.  As we continue to go forward in time and history may we all not forget that in fighting for one, we fight for all! When we fight for the rights, freedom, protection, and persuit of happiness, we fight for all!

This world and our society cannot exist if we do not co-exist!