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DIVERCITY: Legislation, Policies and Practices Concerning LGBT People

  This project focuses on preventing and combating homo- and transphobia in small and medium cities in Europe. Part of the project is a comparative analysis of legislation, policies and practices. Here are some of the initial findings of this analysis. All five project countries (Belgium, Greece, Poland, Spain and the UK) are signatories of […]

Homophobic / Transgender Bullying in Schools: A Neglected Issue

“Πώς προσδιορίζεστε ή αναφέρεστε στον εαυτό σας, σε σχέση µε το φύλο σας;” Δεν προσδιορίζομαι…” Μ. Σ., λεσβία συμμετέχουσα στην έρευνα πεδίου από Θεσσαλονίκη, 24 ετών   – “How do you define or refer to yourself?” – “I do not define myself in terms of gender….” M.S. lesbian participant in the fieldwork from Thessaloniki, 24 […]

Being a woman, a migrant, and a lesbian: a triple crime? Seminar on multiple discrimination

When one speaks of discrimination they often refer to separate groups- ethnic minorities, LGBTQI people, migrants, religions, etc—but rarely does one speak about what happens when an individual identifies with more than one of these groups at the same time? How is their experience of discrimination different from those individuals who identify with only one […]

Divercity – focus on local policies that advance LGBT equality

When it comes to noticing legal and policy developments which advance LGBT rights in Europe, most of the attention is paid to advancements which occur only on a national level.  Civil society networks, like the European Region of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association and Transgender Europe highlight country progress yearly, while […]

Smartfilms Girona Awards with sexual and gender diversity

In Girona – one of the cities involved in the DIVERCITY project – the City Hall has just released the call to participate in the Smartfilms Girona Awards, a short film award for films shot in the city of Girona. This year, artists can inscribe their work into three different categories: free topic, equality and diversity. Whereas […]