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The LGBT+ community in Poland might get legal protection

    Photo 1. The Polish Commissioner for Human Rights ( has been receiving reports on the large scale of prejudice-based violence, including homophobic and transphobic acts of violence. As of now, the category of offenses penalized in accordance with the Penal Code includes offenses committed due to the victim’s nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, […]

World Pride Madrid 2017

Collective mobilizations use public space to make their claims visible by giving voice and bodies to their struggles. On the 1st of July the city of Madrid hosted the World Pride public demonstration, the most crowded Pride public demonstration in Spain and the biggest in Europe. Organized by COGAM (LGBT+ collective in Madrid) and by […]

Marriages for everyone. “Article Eighteenth” on the 8th LGBT Film Festival in Wroclaw

  On May 5th, as part of the 8th edition of the LGBT Film Festival (the biggest celebration of LGBT cinema in Poland, the Nowe Horyzonty movie theater showed “Article Eighteenth” directed by Bartosz Staszewski. “Article Eighteenth” is a feature-length documentary whose title refers to Article 18 of the Polish constitution: it defines marriage […]

Happy International Womens Day!

Today is International Womens Day! In celebrating the millions of women around the world, today we should also celebrate and recongise the millions of other members of our society and community who have fought and struggled alongside women for our, and their, rights and freedoms. Thank You to all the strong women who have come […]

Greece votes in favour of equal rights same-sex couples

A new directive regarding civil partnership has just been issued by the Hellenic Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, providing civil partners with the same rights as married couples. In particular, couples entering a civil partnership have now the same rights, obligations, benefits or limitations as married couples, with regards to social, insurance and labour […]


20th November // 20 de noviembre // 20 novembre // 20 de novembro // نوفمبر ال20 is a special day in the year when we specifically take a moment to remember members of the transgender community, living and past!  Whilst being transgender, gay, lesbian, and/or bisexual continues to be, for many, a daily fight for rights and acceptance, let […]

Rainbow Wrocław: The Equal Rights Festival against homophobia, xenophobia, and exclusions

From October 1 to October 9, 2016, Wrocław hosted the sixth edition of the Equal Rights Festival organized by the Culture of Equality Association, with its culminating event being the Equality March (October 8). This year, about 1,000 people marched the streets of Wrocław; the LGBT/Q, academics and people of culture, representatives of NGOs, journalists, […]