As an ongoing activity throughout project, the awareness-raising campaign and dissemination of findings and project information is an integrated part of the DIVERCITY project. Workshops with young people will be conducted to generate a positive perception of sexual diversity; seminars with local journalists and bloggers will be held to stimulate their awareness of this social problem; and workshops will also be organised for the LGBT collective to improve their awareness of their own rights and the resources available e.g. for reporting discrimination, hate crimes and hate speech related to homo- and transphobia. Furthermore, different events will take place addressed to general public and articles will be published in a range of contexts, directed both to the general public on social media and in local newspapers, and to the academic audience in academic journals. A position paper will be elaborated towards the end of the project, to be presented to relevant EU institutions and agencies at the project’s Final Conference, which will be held in Barcelona in late 2017. All the project activities will be announced in the project calendar available at this website.